2 August 2018

All about flowers

We arrived back from France yesterday, and today I have been on a flower arranging workshop in the village.  So good to have a venue close to home - The Lodge Flower and Craft School. They are doing a Thursday Flower Club, which I decided to try out.

We were a small group just 5 ladies, today's project was to arrange in a Bento box.  It was a fun project, I've never done any flower arranging classes so wasn't sure what to expect, but this appealed to me.  We all did something different with our boxes and flowers provided.  The workshop runs from 10-12 with a coffee break - cake from Tom's too.

So here are some photos of my efforts, I'm pretty pleased with it even if I say so myself.  What do you think?

I love the bamboo

I'll definitely be going again.

BTW I went and sorted out the previous post, removed the duplicates and added a few more photos


  1. I really like that! It's very unique.

  2. What a great class to go to.That must of been a lot of fun. Your arrangement is so pretty. Love the colors. It will be fun to go into your own garden and use your own flowers to make arrangements. Good for you !!

  3. So pretty. I hope you do many more.


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