31 January 2012

enough already

I have a sore throat. Its just not fair.  I just get rid of one bug then I come down with something else.  I don't actually feel ill, just off colour, bit light headed and as I say a sore, tight throat.  Oh well nothing for it other than to snuggle up with my knitting.  Not that I need an excuse, as its grey, cold and miserable outside.

On the subject of knitting I have three projects still on the go.  After finishing off my ten stitch, I felt the urge to have another "pick up, put down" project, so I am trying the Ten Stitch Twist by Frankie Brown.  I plan to turn this into a bath mat.  Knitted in cotton, its actually easier to get started than the blanket and I'm really enjoying knitting it.

My In the Mood cardigan was getting a bit boring, so I decided to start one of the fronts.  I'm really pleased with the 16 row pattern, not too complicated, but not one for knitting when others are around or when you have one eye on the TV

6" still to go on the back

And the socks, well they have taken a back seat. Now I know that I can knit on 4 needles I don't have the same desire to rush to get it finished.  Think maybe life is too short for sock knitting. 

So many things to knit, so little time - I need to retire.  Right kettle on for a nice cup of tea

26 January 2012

Finished at last

Finally, finally. 

Started in October, this latest Ten Stitch Blanket seems to have taken forever.  However, the end result is very pleasing.  2400 grams of yarn has been used.  All of it from my stash, most of it from the charity shop, so it also didn't cost me too much.

I spent the afternoon instructing two of our knitting group on how to knit this.  We had a laugh, I'm not much of a teacher, whether or not they have "got it" will remain to be seen.  I amended the pattern to make it read a bit easier, but they were still confused.  I guess if you don't understand pattern lingo then it seems like a foreign language. 

Its funny there were 13 of us at the group this afternoon and 10 of us were knitting these blankets.  They are very addictive.  I had said that was it, but I feel the need to start another.  I have the yarn ready and bagged up, maybe I'll have a go at the circular one, if I make it thick enough I could make a mat. 

As usual watch this space for the results.

I've been keeping a secret

for the last 7 weeks I have been harbouring a secret.  Its been so hard to keep quiet but finally I can break the silence and tell the world that we have another grandbaby on the way. 

Baby Jones #2 - due on or around 31 July. 

A brother or sister for Rufus - we will have to wait to find out which.  If this baby is half as lovely as our little man we will be more than happy.

24 January 2012

Proof of the pudding

Its a wet Tuesday, too wet to go out, so I decided at 19 months old Rufus was just about old enough for his first baking session.  I got everything out before bringing him and his high chair to the kitchen.  As you can see he took to it like a duck to water.  Though a fair amount of mixture was eaten before it got to the bun papers.

and the finished article.  Not the best buns ever but he has eaten two so they can't be so bad.  I know his Aunty Rachel and Pops will make short work of them when they get home.

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22 January 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall

you are the cruelest of them all.  Fitting rooms, don't you just hate them.  All those mirrors and bright lights, showing up all those lumps, bumps and wobbly bits!!  I need to drop at least 10lbs.

On Friday I got to enjoy one of my Christmas presents - I spent a day in London with my youngest. We had a great day out, - coffee, shopping, lunch, shopping, tea, shopping, drinks and dinner, then theatre.  What's not to like.  Well apart from the shopping, I'm not good at it. Once however, I got into the groove so to speak, it wasn't so bad; I came away with 2 pairs of cropped chinos, 2 pairs of light cotton trousers, 5 tops and 3 pairs of shoes!!

Our day started with a train down to London, first stop was coffee then on to Spitalfields Market, followed by a tube ride and walk to Borough Market, where we partook of a Kangaroo Burger for lunch.  Not bad, but wouldn't be in a hurry to try it again.  A walk along the embankment in the rain to I Knit London, which was a bit of a disappointment, but I won't go into that.  Back on the tube to Oxford Street.  Quick dash into Primark for cheap t-shirts to cut up for a rug - daughter's project.  Next stop M & S where we had tea and cake, to fortify us before heading to the spring clothing range .  As mentioned, after a second walk round I was bullied into the fitting rooms with an armful of clothes, and hey presto, my purse was suddenly a lot lighter!!  I'm pleased with my purchases, and to be honest once the aforementioned weight comes off they will look better.

Next stop was Soho, where we stopped for drinks at Zebranos, happy hour, 2 glasses of wine for the price of one.  Good natter, then off for some dinner before the show.  Our show was the Ladykillers, the stage production of an old Ealing Comedy.  Very funny.  I love going to the theatre and really should do it more often. It was a great and thoughtful present which we both got to enjoy.

As it was Rufus Friday, Peter bravely offered to look after the little man on his own, and he also had an enjoyable day.  Even managed a mucky nappy, but then I guess he had no choice.  He did however, forget to take the camera, so no photos I'm afraid.  Fortunately though he and his mum are coming to stay tomorrow for a couple of days as the builders are taking out the boiler and they will have no heating/hot water.  So I will make sure that the camera is charged and ready.

The rest of the weekend has been spent quietly knitting.  I have finally finished the Ten Stitch - hurrah.  Photos of that to follow.  It did however end up using 2400 grams of stashed yarn, so that has made a bit of a dent in the stash.

19 January 2012

Medway Craft Group Meeting Dates

Medway Craft Group 2012 Meeting dates

15th January, 26th January , 9th February ,23rd February

8th March, 22nd March, 5th April, 19th April

3rd May, 17th May, 31st May, 14th June, 28th June

12th July, 26th July - August – no meetings

6th September, 20th September, 4th October, 18th October

1st November, 15th November, 29th November, 13th December

We meet at the Medway Centre, Medway Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE29 1SF
Why not drop in for a cup of tea and see what we get up too.

2pm - 4:30pm
If you fancy joining us then its £2.50 per session, with an annual subscription of £5.00

18 January 2012

Its Wednesday so it must be WIPs

Good evening to all you WIP ladies, and lads of course.  Work is progressing well on my In the Mood cardigan.  I'm finding the Irish moss stitch more interesting than just stocking stitch for a change.  The Sirdar Country Style is lovely and soft, nice and drapey.

I am finally on the last round of my ten stitch, which I really will be glad to see the back of.  The socks are in the same position as last week, so I'll not bother with a picture

This week I have also completed a further premie hat and a rainbow cardigan. Knitting such tiny things are very quick and satisfying

For more WIP's head over to Tami's

17 January 2012

Happy birthday wishes

.....go to my blog friend Joan aka Marmepurl over at Knit 1 Raise 4.  Hope you have a great day Joan. 

15 January 2012

The way to a man's heart

 They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so to that end I made my man an Almond and Cherry heart shaped cake and he gave me 3 dozen coral roses, beautiful.  35 years today

And to make your heart ache - the tale of a little girl delivered 10 weeks early because her mummy's heart burst - literally.  Both are doing ok as far as I know.  I felt the need to do something, so I found my smallest hat knitting pattern and did these yesterday.  I will keep you posted on their progress.
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13 January 2012

Signs of spring

After weeks of mild weather we awoke to a bright and frosty morning

The bulbs are emerging. The aconites have been out for a couple of weeks now, their bright little heads a welcome sight in the past dreary days

Flame berries in the seed pods of the iris.  I love how they are decomposing, leaving a casing of chiffon
I have the day to myself. No plans. I have put a wash on. Waiting in for a parcel to be redelivered.  My cold is progressing, more irritating than anything.  Funnily, 35 years ago, on the eve of our wedding, I had a really bad cold, feeling rough, not that it marred the big day.  35 years - Coral or Jade depending on whether you are traditional or modern.  We won't bother with either on Sunday, just a nice lunch out, time to ourselves to reminisce.

Hubby just sent a text - puncture on the M11 southbound, not a good start to his day.

Judy, hope you are feeling better today - she has a cold virus too.

Also - I'm wondering about starting a knitting/craft group in my garden room.  My worries, that no one would come.  Should I do it?  How often should it run?

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11 January 2012

where did that come from?

woke this morning - head cold - no idea where its come from.  Not feeling too bad but could end up with a nose like this by the end of the day.

I had planned to do a bit more gardening today, managed 2.5 hours yesterday, but not sure I'm feeling up to it, and whilst its sunny out its also quite damp. Maybe just a bit of gentle knitting, cast on my cardigan me thinks, a bit more of my ten-stitch.....

Linking up with WIP Wednesday with Tami

8 January 2012

Sit still, me, never

Woke this morning, whole day stretching ahead and no plans.  Take it easy after 2 days of our little man.  No, it was dry so decided to hit the borders.  The garden is looking a mess, due to not getting round to cutting back the plants in the autumn

These three pictures show a start at freeing the borders of leaves and a general cut down, actually still looks a bit messy, but the spring bulbs are coming through so there will be some colour soon.  I should have taken a before picture - that really was messy

Christmas tree doing duty as a bird feeder - still no needle drop, shame it has no roots

see all the stuff still to cut down, the lawn is more moss than anything else )-:

These two pictures show the garden after the willow was cut back, hoping the light and moisture will help the garden fight back a bit - I need to get in with the cultivator and lift the soil where the guys trampled over it

Tidy (-:

and this is where the fencing came down the other week - ugh

Three hours spent out there was long enough, my hip is now playing up but I feel happy that I have made a start.  Peter cleared leaves from the lawn along the beech hedges and relaid some paving in the veg garden. If the weather stays fine then I plan to get out for an hour or two each day after work.......

And this afternoon, feet up, resting.... not likely, spent the afternoon turning up two pairs of curtains for my youngest.  No rest for the wicked they say, so I must have been very naughty at some point in my life

7 January 2012

then there were 2 and a bit of knitting

our day started at 6am to the cries of Granny, Granny Soup (his name for me - should be Sue but there you go) coming from the front bedroom, we ignored him for a bit then gave in, its what grandparents do!

The day panned out much like yesterday, reading, playing, we had the Duplo out - 30 years old and still going strong.  I am so pleased that I kept this, as they just don't make it like that any more. Rufus loves it.

After lunch we went out for a walk around the lakes, not that he saw any of it as he promptly fell asleep, oh to be snuggled up all cosy and warm and have someone push me around.  Second thoughts maybe not, sounds too much like a wheel chair for my liking.  But you get my meaning.

His mum and dad came late afternoon and whisked him away.  Left us feeling flat and quiet, although very tidy.  How can one little man make sooooo much mess.  I keep finding bits in the most unlikely places.........miss him already

On to my knitting - below is my next project - think there maybe a bit of swearing with the bobbly bits but we shall see.  May be best to work with the overhead lights on, rather than my preferred subdued lighting.

Here is the finished Little Anna top - cute isn't it.  Along with my ten stitch - are you sick of seeing that yet? and the first of a pair of socks, just using some oddments of double knit to practice on before I commit to some decent sock yarn. 

So as you see plenty to be getting on with. Now, should I cast on the cardigan, continue the ten stitch or do a few rounds of the socks?

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6 January 2012

Friday fun with Rufus


Taking Pops' chair

"Well what do you think Pops?"

and then there were tears - got so excited I ran into the dresser
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3 January 2012

and then the rain came

We have rotten weather today, very windy, very rainy.   It was so awful this morning that I left home early in order to take hubby to work.  Didn't seem fair to make him cycle in the pouring rain, especially as it was his first day back.
I love the way the sun reflects on the Birch tree against the black sky just before the rain.  Would you believe the sky is blue and the sun back out now. It could be worse, at least the weather is mild, 12 degrees C.  You can keep the white stuff and the freezing temps, though I guess we have that to come.
Today was first day back to work for me too.  It was hard getting up, not that we have slept in, but its been so good to go back to bed with a cuppa and a book. 
I finished the wrap cardigan last night, its partly sewn up, will of course take some photos once I'm done.
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