30 August 2012

Give me an R, give me an L

Matching sweaters for the boys....... 

Rufus's sweater is a pattern from Noreen's KAL on the Grandmas Hand Group on Ravelry.  I had to amend it slightly as I used double knit yarn rather than aran, but it turned out perfectly to size and I am very pleased with it.  Laurie's was adapted from Oliver by Patons.  The letters I had on a cross stitch chart which I enlarged.  I am really happy with how they both turned out.

This on the other hand, got frogged last night.  I did another pattern set and it looked awful.  Not sure what I was doing wrong, but with each pattern set (8 rows) you are supposed to decrease 10 sts.  I was decreasing an awful lot more than that.  I just decided that enough was enough, I wasn't enjoying knitting with such thin yarn, so I will have to find something else to do with it.  Give it away possibly

28 August 2012

Still some colour

August is nearly over - where did the month go?  Autumn is just around the corner.  The grape vine has already started dropping it leaves. 

The veg plot has been a failure this year, apart from courgettes, of which we have plenty, everything else is either late or non existent.  My flower garden however is still looking good, lots of colour, I guess the rain has been good for some things.  The Michaelmas daisies are just starting to peek through but not enough to photograph.  We still have lots of weeds, something else that likes the cool wet weather, I'll get to them at some point........ to be honest I'd rather be knitting than weeding.

On a frustrating note, we have been listening to a book on CD - 14 of them - got to the last disk last night, ready to find out "who done it", only to find that disk 14 actually had disk 10 recorded onto it!!!!  Hopefully hubby is going to call the BBC today in the hopes that they can send us the correct disk.  I won't say which book it is as I don't want to know the end until I hear it..

Anyway here is some prettiness


Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone


Ice Plant - just coming out




No idea ?


Snap Dragons

Can't remember

Golden Rod

Rubeckia and Cone Flowers


27 August 2012

Sunday stroll

It was actually a bit more than a stroll.  We decided we would forget the gloomy weather forecast and trust to luck with a walk.  We are fortunate that we have some lovely walks around where we live.  The Ouse Valley Way Walk passes through our neck of the woods, so we decided we would do part of that - its 150 miles in total.  We can do a 10 mile loop comfortably and the only roads you touch are as it goes through the village of Holywell, so therefore nice and peaceful. 

She was not mooving - but he wasn't far away!

Brownhill Staunch & Lock

Holywell - love this village but it is prone to flooding hence these cottages were built higher up
 These are photos of the flora and fauna that we saw along the way,  plus lunch time liquid refreshment

Apart from an odd sprinkle of rain which stopped before we got our rain capes on it was a beautiful day, not too hot, just comfortable for walking and I only got one bite.

Not sure what the plan is for today - its a public holiday here.  Peter has gone off to do a platelets donation which will take a couple of hours round trip, so I shall go and weed the front garden and hope he has planned what we will do by the time he gets back.  I have plenty of 'jobs', but don't feel inclined to do them

25 August 2012


Today has been about getting together with the cousins (2nd) - Rufus with Joe 5 at Great Grandmas

Then Granny had to drive the tractor, its harder than it looks as I'm too big to use the pedals!

Then along came Lucy, she is now 4 months, as cute as a button

with brother Charlie 6, they are 2nd cousins to Rufus and Laurie too.  Both Peter and I have younger brothers who left it later to have children, hence the reason all the kiddies are close in age

how cute is that face, she has changed so much in 6 weeks, which was the last time we saw them.

Where is Laurie I hear you ask, well as usual he was sleeping.......

and sleeping........ its what you do when you are 4 weeks old

Stu helping push the tractor, our garden is far from flat so makes pedaling hard going

Looking for apples

Up the trees - I think Rufus was wishing he was bigger

Great picture of Charlie

The weather held out for most of the time, it was lovely to have everyone together and the boys all got on so well despite the age gap

24 August 2012

Caution artist at work

then Aunty Rachel bought McFlurry - he was supposed to share with me!

Thanks Pop its a big hit


That little face whats not to love

Check by tomorrow for more - the cousins get together