13 May 2013

Another Monday

another weekend has come and gone, ours was a wet one, so with nothing better to do, I knitted, and knitted..........

One cardigan finished and another started

This cardigan will have peach flowers to break up the orange, but its cheerful and summery, lets face with the week we have forecast we need something summery.  Wall to wall wind and rain, with a few sunny intervals if we are lucky )-:

One thing we did get done this weekend though, was to sort out my husband's wardrobes!  My husband you have to understand lives at floor level, so if he can't see it when the doors are shut then its fine with him.  In the end I just picked everything from the floor of the cupboards and chucked it around the bedroom, then said if he didn't sort it, it was all going out.  Three charity bags and one rag bag later he has a beautifully tidy space.  I'm happy and he really got into the spirit of it and actually sorted his bedside cupboard too.


  1. I love them both. The white one is very delicate and the orange is cheery.

  2. Such pretty little girl cardigans. A lucky recipient for sure.

    Maybe you can teach some wardrobe cleaning methodology to a certain someone I know.

  3. love the white one, and that second pattern is just gorgeous!

  4. I love the cardigan you just started, I'm queueing it for the next inevitable baby in my circle of friends. I think the flowers really make it for me. Of course the white one is super pretty too. It must be fun to knit for girls after all of the knitting for little guys.

  5. What a sweet little sweater! Who gets all the little girl things that you knit?


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