26 June 2013

WIP Wednesday

Following on from yesterday's post - here is my progress on the first of the booties

No knitting today as we are off out to dinner and the theatre.  We are going to see Birdsong at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge after dinner at Jamies Italian .  Just back from the hairdressers, no I didn't make a special trip to get my hair done, just how my 5 weekly appointments work out.

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25 June 2013


or what I called Purple Haze is now completed.

Pattern: Aloha from Sublime 623
Size: 4-5 years
Yarn: King Cole Big Value DK

Overall I am happy with it, but after 2 days blocking I have a feeling the bottom will roll up.  Two rows of garter stitch just wasn't enough.  Oh well I'm sure once its been worn and washed a few times it won't matter!

Last night I finished another hat knitted in Regia Galaxy Saturn, pattern is Shibui Hat from the Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders - I had planned to make the socks that go with it but it turns out I don't own 2.25mm double pointed needles, so will knit the Touch of Folklore booties  from Chic Knits for Stylish Babies

24 June 2013

Not a penny spent

I am really pleased with my weekend's work.  First I transformed some pine fitting from our downstairs cloakroom from this..........

...........to this

and the room from this..........

..........to this

All that's needed now is for hubby to put the light fitting back and the jobs done. I had all the paint so this room has cost nothing other than my time.  There are a couple of pictures that need to go up and I do need some frames for these, but hopefully I can pick up some in the charity shop and paint them.

I also managed to get a cardigan finished, its currently blocking so once dry I will take some photographs and share them with you.  I have now started another hat and socks with some more of the Regia yarn, the pattern is from the Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders book I got the other week.  It's knitting up so nicely, I love these yarns.

21 June 2013

Super cute

Pumpkin you are right it is super cute!! I finished the little hat, with enough yarn to knit a pair of mitts and hopefully some little shoes too.  The pattern is Bonnet & Booties from Natural Nursery by Erika Knight.  The mitts are made up, and for the shoes I plan to make my go to pattern Saartje's Bootees.  That will be the 3 items from one 50g ball to Regia Design Line, bit of a bargain if you ask me.

Edited 22 June to add some more photos - there is still yarn left over!!

Now on to something non knitting related.  One of our annual visitors is back.  This blackbird is so brazen, just pops in for a meal when she feels like it.  Peter snapped her this morning

She even bought one of her offspring in the other afternoon.  She has had one or two close calls with Audrey, but she is too fat and slow at the moment, but watch out bird, she is on a diet!

And because its Friday......... more prettiness from the garden

Plans for the weekend?  I will be decorating, our downstairs cloakroom needs a lick of paint and I plan to refurb the pine fittings, which have gone that yucky orange colour with time.  I will post my progress over the weekend.  Have fun

20 June 2013

for little heads

A while back I was looking through my stash and discovered these

10 balls of Regia yarn in assorted colours and types, but just one ball in each colour.  I was given these by my daughter.  They had come into her magazine and no one in the office wanted them.

I did knit a cardigan for a premature baby with one of them, you may remember this. But as one ball isn't enough for a pair of socks they have been languishing in the stash cupboard.

Until now....... with the constant stream of babies that flow through our lives I have decided to knit hats, lots of hats and maybe mitts too if there is enough left from a ball.  We will see.  I cast on the first one last night.  Yes, I know, I said I wouldn't cast on til my WIP's were done.  But once you get an idea in your head......

My first hat is a free pattern from Ravelry, originally printed in Prima magazine back in July 2009.  It has a pretty lacy edge.  I did take a picture but its come out blurry, so you will have to make do with the one below.  I love to see how these yarn knit up.  I have an assortment of different patterns so we will see what we get.  At least these little hats are portable and make great gifts to have on hand.

Work on Purple Haze is coming along, one sleeve and half a front to do then the finishing off. Frilled dress is still in its bag and I do a few rows on the ten stitch blanket when I get bored.

18 June 2013

Look who's 3 today

Happy 3rd birthday to our dear grandson Rufus, you are growing into such a wonderful little person

3 years
2 years 6 months
2 years
18 months
1 year
6 months
1 Day

17 June 2013

Colour from the garden

Colour is finally putting in an appearance, the spring bulbs are long over, the forget me nots are done, the iris are on their last shout

Now its the turn of the Foxgloves -I love them, each year they come up just a little different

and then ..........

the daisies are just starting but they are for another day