31 January 2010

They go too quick

This weekend has been about eating, laughing, blisters, bruises, cold walks and of course knitting.

The eating, Yippee noodles on Friday, crumpets toasted on the fire and weekend meals cooked by Peter - eagerly awaiting my roast beef and yorkshire.

The laughing, we went to the theatre to see 39 Steps, not normally a comedy but this adaption was 4 actors playing 132 parts, hilariously funny, if you get the chance to catch it do.

Blisters from my new walking boots, and bruises from not looking where I was going!

Cold walks - lots of icy puddles to smash, takes me back to my childhood.

And lastly knitting - making a play mat - pictures will be posted when finished.

Hope you had a good weekend too.

27 January 2010

24 January 2010

That's done then

Zig Zag blanket 26" x 26" - in Linen/Cotton mix

Vintage Vest 0-3 months - 100% cotton

Now what to knit?

22 January 2010

Winter blues

don't you just hate this time of year. Grey skies, cold, rain, everyone miserable and moaning. Its so tempting just to go along with this mood, but I guess that is self defeating. We should look for a bit of sunshine in our lives, think of all the things we should be thankful for and put this time to good use planning for the coming spring.

I would so love to get out into my garden, its looking very sad and neglected, but as its too wet, I'll just have to draw up some plans so that I'm ready for when I'm able. Similarly, our house needs a bit of TLC, decorating and the like, I know we could be doing that now but...... its to easy to put off, I like to be able to throw open the windows when I'm decorating plus I hate the prep!! I'd get someone in but just can't justify the cost.

So I will just content myself for now with my knitting, and give thanks that whilst we moan about our weather we don't have earthquakes and conditions like those poor people in Haiti

PS - sold the 7 day booties today

PPS - Sorry Chloe and Lisa for forgetting to send birthday cards today, put it down to old age. Hope you have a good day

18 January 2010

7 day bootees

Love these little bootees, knitted in Patons Linen Blend DK size 3 months, only took 25grams per pair so lots left over.

15 January 2010


that's how many days I have been married to Peter. This equals 33 years, and I have enjoyed every one of them. I woke to these lovely roses this morning

I've been poorly these last few days, had a nasty bug which left me dizzy and sick for two days. I'm feeling much improved today, apart from feeling a bit spaced out. I shall be taking it easy and would like to thank the girls for rushing to my aid on Wednesday, much appreciated - thanks Alex for alerting them to the fact I was ill, and thanks Martin for taking me home - I just hope you didn't pick it up too.

PS - results in from MRI - problem in upper back rather than neck, so referred pain. Physio next week and hopefully no surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 January 2010

No joke and my husband tells lies!

this morning I went for an MRI scan on my neck. Now I was very apprehensive before I went as I hate enclosed spaces and being held down for any length of time, so imagine my horror when the first thing they did was lay me on a bed, put a heavy contraption on my chest then strap down my arms! Head phones on, oh my god they are playing Mika, that was nearly enough for me to squeeze the panic button. I then felt myself being slid into the scanner, my big mistake was to open my eyes, that did it, my heart was racing, I broke out into a cold sweat, tears in my eyes, I willed myself to keep still and not to panic, so difficult I can tell you. It was the longest 15 minutes I have ever spent. When they finally let me out I was shaking from head to toe. I said to the radiographer that I was glad I wasn't right in it, and she said "you were, where did you think you were, you were right in the middle", so therein is the lie. Peter said I'd only go part way in as it was just my head!

I finally finished the Leaf pram blanket. I'm actually very pleased with it, its a bit old-fashioned but I think that's part of it charm. It took me 6 hours to sew up and finish the bunting border. Next project is a bunny cuddle blanket, in cotton for easy washing.

9 January 2010

Technology is a wonderful thing

We've been for a lovely snowy walk to St Ives today, and I was cross with myself for not taking the camera. Then I thought you have your new phone take some with that, so I did. I then thought ummmm how do I get them to my computer, quick look through the instructions, plug in the usb, fiddled a bit then like magic my pictures appeared. Quite chuffed with myself actually. The pictures show the frozen lakes on the RSPB reserve at Fen Drayton, also you can just see a snow-bow in the sky, it looked really pretty in the flesh so to speak!

8 January 2010

I knew it was doing me good

I just read the following on the Lionbrand Blog - Get out your knitting needles. An afternoon of knitting can burn more than 500 calories (at a rate of about 100 an hour). So along with the supposed 510 calories I burned doing my housework today + the 1 hour walk I just came back from I can have another piece of christmas cake without any guilt!!

I am determined to finish my leaf pattern blanket this weekend, only 5 more squares to knit, then sew it all up. Will actually be glad to see the back of it!

Oh and I forgot to say I joined the Medway Craft Group yesterday afternoon, what a great group of ladies, they made me feel very welcome, and restored my faith after my experience in Cambridge. I look forward to the next meeting.

6 January 2010

Be careful what you wish for

its now snowing and I'm at work, not funny especially as I hate driving in the snow, whilst it looks pretty I'd rather be home!

Ok so where is our snow?

woke this morning in anticipation of snow, and not a drop, just more frost and ice, it was -3c so chilly. The forecast says we are due some but I think our little corner of the UK has missed out, and there was me hoping for a day at home knitting.

Currently on my needles - still working on the leaf design blanket, got a bit bored with it, so knocked off a quick beret for Rachel in greys, and also some flower corsages in oddments of cotton, just need to attach the brooch pins to them, should look pretty on a hat, cardi or bag, whatever takes your fancy really - will add pictures when I get home

Here we are - flower corsages

3 January 2010

I do like to be beside the seaside....

we had a lovely day today at the coast - Heacham/Hunstanton, despite the A10 in Norfolk not being gritted! We had a good walk in the sunshine, poked about in the rock pools, had fish and chips for lunch and generally had a good time, its back to work tomorrow for me and Peter.

I really must change the date on my camera, if only I knew how.

1 January 2010

A New Year and a new look

Happy New Year- I hope that 2010 brings you good luck and good health something we shouldn't take for granted.

With the new year I decided to give my blog a new look too, hoping that you like it, all comments welcome.

I never make resolutions, what's the point, we break them by the end of January anyway. I have however, lots of hopes and plans for this coming year and I'm hoping that I can make some of them happen, so watch this space.

We've had another light covering of snow today which has made everywhere look tidy again, I just hate that neglected winter garden look. We took ourselves off for a lovely but cold walk and I'm now trying to decide whether to remove christmas from the house. I always feel once new year is here that christmas should be gone!

Once again I wish you all a Happy New Year x