30 June 2011

Those birthday pictures

Now that Mrs Jones has posted some birthday photos I feel I can share a few more with you, so here we go

Blowing the candle out
Mummy Jones & Rufus

Auntie Rachel & Rufus

Speed Demon

well obvious, isn't it?

those dear little toes

And then its rained!!!!

There are lots more, all equally lovely - thank you again Stuart

29 June 2011

Stopping the door

My WIP completed

WIP Wednesday #6 Two at a time

Yes people I have TWO on the go, shock, horror, she of the only one project at a time, finally gave in and cast on something else. It was actually too hot for knitting my Ten Stitch so decided to cast on a door stop - quick, simple and small.

So here it is -
 the parts

close up

I used Zettl Sensatione from Lidl or Aldi - its a huge 400g ball that hubby picked up for me last year, self patterning.  The pattern called for 100g of yarn but mine only took 40g so hardly made a dent.  I have sewn it up - the instructions were a tad confusing for placing the base but I got there!  Just need to find something to fill it with, then I can show you what it looks like.

I have made some progress on the Ten Stitch, I'm using 6 colours for this one and using 5 colours for each round, dropping/adding one colour each time.  I think I'm happy with it.  I have received so many compliments on my blue/grey one that I hope I can achieve the same pleasing effect.

For more WIP Wednesday posts head over to Tami's

28 June 2011

Medway Ladies do tea

This afternoon our garden room was the venue for tea with some of the Medway ladies, they had been shopping for quilting fabric at a local craft shop, so I invited them to call in on their way home.  They arrived in torrential rain, I was trying to sweep water from the carport due to the water barrels overflowing, it was raining so hard the ground just couldn't absorb it quick enough. 

We had tea and homemade cookies, discussed local news and debated whether the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway would ever make any money when it finally gets underway - 7 August is D Day, or will it be a huge white elephant?

Chocolate Chip and Cranberry - here's the recipe incase you'd like to make some

110g butter
110g caster sugar
110g light brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
170g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
150g chocolate chips - which ever sort you fancy
85g cranberries

Preheat oven to 190c
Beat butter and sugar together, add egg, vanilla, then mix in flour, salt and baking powder. Mix in chocolate and fruit.
Line 4 baking sheets with baking paper, using a teaspoon put walnut size balls onto sheet leaving plenty of room to spread. Makes about 24
Bake for 10 mins, allow to cool for a few minutes then transfer to a wire rack.

Enjoy with a cup of tea or with a dish of ice cream - yum

Tomorrow is WIP Wednesday so check in and see what I've been knitting.

26 June 2011

Its perfect when the sun shines

This one is for Project Spectrum - June is Green

Sitting in the shade now as the sun is hot. Having taken these pictures earlier I thought I'd share them - wireless technology is such a good thingPosted by Picasa

25 June 2011

It's all in the title

Yesterday's post, "At a Loss" caused a huge spike in my page view stats, 225 views in one day - and do you know why, people were searching for 'Hair Loss' and found me.  I hope they weren't too disappointed (-:

I would like to welcome recent followers - don't be shy, please comment and tell me what you think.  I have one regular commenter - thank you Joan, and always lots of comments on a Wednesday from the WIP Wednesday ladies but other than that you are all fairly quiet.

What are your plans for the weekend? Our weather is supposed to be warming up, really hot 83F/28C degrees tomorrow, but currently its wet, been raining all night so everywhere is really wet. I completed most of my list yesterday. Managed a bit of weeding but the grass still needs cutting - job for the weekend

24 June 2011

At a loss

Its Friday, my day off.  For the past year I have gone up to visit my daughter and grandson most Friday's.  She is now back at work and I am on a rota with Rufus' Nana for Friday babysitting duty, its her turn this week. 

Here's a photo just because I love looking at him

I suddenly find myself with a day to myself.  What to do? 

I made a list last night, nothing very exciting.  I still have decorating to do, but feel I need a break after the last 4 months - the tiler is back tomorrow to tile the fireplace in the lounge. There are weeds to pull, edges to trim, dust to wipe.  The washing is on, I have some baking to do, but I feel very fidgety.  So I guess I'll poke around on the Net for a bit then start to tackle my list.

I broke the habit of a lifetime last night and started a second knitting project. As I said this takes me out of my comfort zone, I get panicky with more than one started project.  Its the door stop from this month's Simply Knitting Quick Knits - so won't take too long beside my Ten Stitch.  It does make a change and I did work on both projects last night, but I think 2 is enough for now.  I have however just put yarn and pattern together for another project for a friend, which I will tell you about another time.

22 June 2011

WIP Wednesday #5 - Ten Stitch Autumn - part two

Here we go part two - So this is my latest WIP, yes its another Ten Stitch, this is actually a different combination than the bags I made up last week.  My husband wanted one in bright colours, so I delved into the stash and put together this combo.  I'm using 4 threads on 5.5mm needles. 
I feel the need of knitting something else so I may break the habit of a lifetime and start another project at the same time!!  That does take me out of my comfort zone though.
Part One of this post is herePosted by Picasa

WIP Wednesday #5 - Ten Stitch in Blue - part one

I finally finished the Ten Stitch in Blues for my youngest.  I also made some matching slippers too.  I am having to do this post in 2 parts as Blogger won't publish the photos in the normal manner so I am having to post via Web Albums which won't let me taking pictures from two different folders, what a pain.  Or maybe its me being stupid.
Posted by Picasa

So my new WIP is here

19 June 2011

Our little man is one year old

Still a bit sleepy and full of cold

Opening Granny and Pop's present

A wheelybug cow

Some birthday bubbles

His birthday cake made by Aunty Rachel - a triumph

Birthday tea

Birthday trike from Aunty Rachel and Stuart

And so to the party. The weather was mixed, more wet than anything, thunder, lightening, hail, but we managed to have part of the afternoon in the sunshine. Stuart was our official photographer, so I will post more pictures of the afternoon when we receive them. Thank you Stuart. 

As this was also Rufus' naming day, Rebecca made a speech on behalf of her and Tim; there weren't many dry eyes I can tell you. Here are a few excerpts -

It might seem strange to be having a naming ceremony for a little boy who has been wearing his name for a whole year now.  But it takes a while to own a name and for you to make a mark, however small, on the world ..............

.........  I never thought that I would be so fascinated by another person, that I could spend hours watching you sleep, eat and play. You have bought an enormous amount of love and happiness into our lives and have truly stolen both our hearts.

........ special thank you to two people - firstly Tim - for growing into a great daddy and being by my side even through the gruesome bits.  And finally to my mum - I would never have been able to enjoy this amazing year as much as I have without your help. About this time a year ago you were walking me to my epidural and through the gas and air haze I remember asking you how the hell you did this twice.  You said to me "I promise you that it will all be worth it once you have that baby in your arms" - now I don't say this very often, but you were totally right. 

What more can a mother ask for - a daughter telling you they are right for a change.  Believe me I could not see for the tears.  Rebecca is a fantastic mother and I know it is going to be hard for her to go back to work on Wednesday.  Tim, you are doing a great job too.  For the full speech check out here

We would just like to thank you both for bring this little person into our lives -

he has stolen our hearts too!

17 June 2011

An eye to the weather

On Saturday young Rufus will be one year old, where has the time gone?
We are having a party, a garden party, there will be 60 of us or there abouts.  Earlier this week the weather forecast looked like this

now at least it looks like this

So everyone please do a little sun dance so that its fine for the afternoon at least, otherwise say a little pray for my garden room floor. 

15 June 2011

WIP Wednesday #4

I missed last week as I was too busy with other things, so I have made a fair inroads on the Ten Stitch, almost finished just one more repeat all round. I'm very pleased with it and I hope my youngest is too.

I have been asked to make four more so I have started putting together some yarn combos - greens and cream, navy, lilac and cream, burgundy, browns and cream. Its funny when you are knitting these, when adding the next colour I get panicky thinking it doesn't go, but once you've done a bit and then lay it out you can see that it all looks fine. I love that my stash of charity yarn is reducing, so these blankets are costing next to nothing. I plan to make knitted slippers to go with them.  Then the recipent will have everything they need for a cosy winter cuddle up on the sofa.

This is my other work in progress, I still have the gloss painting to do, the bit I hate.  I am taking the day off tomorrow to try and get it finished as its windows and doors so I need to have them open all day. I'm pleased with the wall colour, hadn't realised how sick of the yellow I was.

10 June 2011

Who knew I was such a magpie!

With the garden room complete my thoughts turn to the house.  The kitchen to be precise, having had it retiled I can no longer put up with the yellow walls. 

I have spent all day sorting - firstly I sorted cupboards in the utility room to try and make more space, rearranged shelves and tidied.  I then found a new home for the hundreds of photographs that we possess.  I did manage not to look at them otherwise I would have got nothing done; that will be a job for the winter months, go through, chuck out and finally get whats left put into albums.  Boxed up all the old video tapes that we've not watched for years, these will be going off to the charity shop. Sorted drawers under the bed.  Sorted yarn for two more Ten Stitch Blankets. Cleaned brass.

Next job was my sitting room, now its furniture has been moved out into the garden room, I have space to decant the contents of the scullery shelves, I am ashamed to say they aren't very clean.  Why do we collect so much stuff, everything needed washing then packing into boxes so that I could stack them in some kind of order.  Tomorrow I will be washing down the walls and woodwork, filling cracks and trying to get the room painted.

Following the kitchen will be the sitting room, then the lounge, then carpets to be cleaned its a never ending job.  I shouldn't complain as the decorating is long over due, we have turned a blind eye to it for too long! So you all know what we are up to this weekend. 

We are managing to spend our evenings in the Garden Room though, its lovely and peaceful, a TV free zone, just music, books and knitting .....bliss

Enjoy your weekend, hopefully it won't rain, though we are offically in a drought area so need more.  Now off for a bath then put my feet up, yes you guessed in our new room

9 June 2011

Garden Room - adding the details

So comfy for knitting in

10 Stitch in pride of place

Teddy Corner

Bottle collection

Enjoying the first cup of tea

Yesterday evening we spent time sitting watching the rain in the garden.  The first time in 12 years that we have been able to sit indoors and actually see our garden - heaven.  I can see us spending lots of time in here.  Today I've been shopping for more soft furnishings. I still need to buy some side tables. My house is starting to look de-nuded, but that means I get to buy new for the house, but not until I have decorated each room )-: