29 April 2010

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Did anyone hear 7 year old George on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show this morning? What a cutey, made me smile all the way to work. If you get a chance listen again, though I'm sure he will be become a regular feature.  What do you think to the Chris Evans show?  I actually think I prefer it to Terry....

28 April 2010


I'm knitting this and running out of yarn!  Its discontinued, so it looks like it may end up being short sleeved or a waistcoat.  If anyone has a ball of Phildar Satine #4 in Navy in their stash I would love to take it off your hands......please

and finally

A very happy 28th birthday to our baby - Rachel

27 April 2010

So the weekend

Weekends for me start at 2:30 on a Thursday afternoon (1:30 every other week as I have craft group)

Last Thursday I went out for dinner and the theatre with my youngest, this trip was one of my birthday presents from February. We decided to go for dinner at Pizza Express as my husband isn’t a pizza fan so it’s a real treat for me. We followed this with dessert and coffee at Café Nero – triple chocolate cheesecake, oh the calories but I forced myself to eat it!

The play was the Secrets of Sherlock Holmes – not quite what we expected and very short started at 7:45 and we were home by 9:30 and there was an interval! Still dinner and chat certainly made up for the plays shortcomings

Friday was spent house working and gardening in preparation for Sunday’s surprise baby shower (wanted everywhere to look nice).

Saturday morning I spent baking, the Jones arrived mid morning and were whisked off shopping. The evening was spent in town for the annual birthday cocktails and dinner, though this year Mrs Jones was drinking non-alcoholic, you’ll need to read Mrs Jones blog for details of what happened in Brown’s! For dinner we went to Agora (Turkish) very good meal, then got ripped off by the taxi driver on the way home, he wanted £42 to take 6 of us with 2 drop off’s, managed to get him down to £40, but it was a very silent ride home.

Sunday dawned grey and damp, what happened to the promised warmest day of the year? I had planned to have the baby shower in the garden. 10:30 the youngest arrived to whisk away the mother-to-be so I could get on with the shower lunch and all was in place when the guests arrived at 12 – the MTB was suitably surprised and a good time was had by all (I hope). Typically the sun came out just as everyone was leaving.

Don’t forget it’s a bank holiday this weekend so we get an extra long one

23 April 2010

Lots on........

lots of jolly things to do this weekend, I'll tell you about it after they've all happened. 

If you are in the Cambridge area this weekend this is worth a look, especially for all you men and boys
Yesteryear Road Run
Sunday April 25th, 2010

Spectacular Procession of Vintage Vehicles & Motorbikes. In aid of Magpas, The Emergency Medical Charity
ROUTE (Times Approx)

Leave Cottenham Green 9:30 - Rampton 10:00 - Willingham 10:45 - The Green Over 11:30 - Swavesey 12:00 - Swavesey Village College Lunch 12:15 - Longstanton 1:45 - Oakington 2:30 - Histon 3:15 - Cottenham 4:00

One for your diary - a friend has asked me to let you know about the following event on 8 May:

Rainbow Mind, Body & Soul Fair
Buckden Millenium Centre (also known as the Village Hall)
PE19 5UY

In Aid of MAGPAS - The medical emergency charity
11AM - 4PM
Stalls, Healing, Readings (only £10)
Massage, beauty treatments
Refreshments..plus more
Admission: £2 Adults
Whatever you are doing this weekend have a good one (the weather looks good too)

19 April 2010

All go

After my lazy Friday afternoon, the rest of the weekend certainly made up for it. After a visit to Saffron Walden on Saturday morning, I went to my youngest daughters and helped her put her garden to rights. We cleared an area so she can have a veg patch, and generally had a good clear up which took us til Sunday lunchtime. Anyway a good job done. Got home then started again on ours. Sorted two of our compost bins and sieved loads of compost for the potato bags – we tried this last year and it works really well, rather than pay for garden centre bags we use  small builders bags which work a treat and at least leaves room in the garden for other produce.

Peter has been signed off for another week, poor thing is getting really fed up now but just has no breath after the smallest effort, so he’s been doing a lot of supervising. He’ll go back to work with a lovely suntan though! Tomorrow is his birthday so at least he gets to have the day off, both the girls are coming round for dinner so he’ll have their company too.

16 April 2010

Lazy Friday afternoon

Jobs are done and the sun is out.....

Birds are chattering in the trees
Bees buzzing in the laurel hedge
Tea cups rattling on the tray
Knitting needles clicking
Pages rustling
Neighbour mowing
Cat alseep in a plant pot
Drone of traffic
Husband wheezing

and as the sun goes down

cork popping
glasses clinking

Wish every day could be like this, well maybe not the husband wheezing, but then if he wasn't he'd be at work, roll on retirement...........

8 April 2010

Spring cleaning time

I decided it was time to start spring cleaning so thought I'd give the blog a fresh look.  Do you like it? Not sure myself but then I can always change it again.

The husband is still ill - I finally got him to go to the doctor today and he has bronchitis!  He has antibiotics and another week off work.  Men they never listen.

5 April 2010

Knitting, knitting and more knitting

with a poorly husband and weather that is unpredictable, I have been forced to knit (-:

So far this Easter weekend I have completed a cable bag, beret and matching scarf and am well on the way with a cardigan for me
I'm hoping that we can get out for a walk today, just waiting for the washing to finish. Back to work tomorrow )-:

I've also managed to get a bit of reading in too - Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger (of The Time Travellers Wife fame) a good read but not as good as the Traveller (no crying).  Now embarking on the White Queen by Phillipa Gregory - a historial romp

2 April 2010

Good Friday

the husband has a cold, grey and wet outside, so it looks like I'm knitting today.......hurrah.  I started another project, naughty me, and its for me for a change. 

The jackdaws are trying to eat cous cous from the hanging bird table which is amusing the cat but not them

I feel a hot cross bun coming on ...................